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What Do You Need for a Smart Home Automation System

smart home automation system

A smart home automation system is more than just a trend or a luxury. Property crime in America ebbs and flows, but it is consistently high enough that not having an automated security system would be foolish and a risk to your family. A smart home is also less prone to accidents, such as:

  • C02 leaks/poisoning
  • Fire 
  • Flooding

…and of course, there’s the convenience that comes with the ability to control everything in your home with a single remote. Or not doing anything at all as the system automatically handles tasks such as closing blinds, closing doors, or adjusting thermostat levels. But what do you really need to have a functional smart home automation system?

Basic Components of a Smart Home Automation System

  • Ventilation, AC, and Heating System – A property with a smart home automation system should have proper heating, cooling, and ventilation system. They should have more automation than what is afforded with programmable thermostats and timers. This is particularly true for homes in countries with extreme weather conditions, as the smart system can adjust the temperature inside the home to keep occupants comfortable, as well as protect the equipment from environmental or temperature damage.

  • Central Lighting System – one of the key comforts of a smart home is the ability to turn off or on all the lights with a simple click of a button. Additionally, many automation systems can do it all automatically through sensors  that detect whether there’s someone in the house, or how much light there is. 

  • Intercoms – it’s not exactly a necessity for homes that are small enough, but it is still part of a basic automation system because support for intercoms are usually already part of the system, and adding them won’t add too much to the overall cost so you may just as well have them included. 

  • Security System – this is one of the key components of the system. It will keep your property and its occupants safe from harm, whether against intruders or accidents. A security system includes anything from surveillance cameras, motion sensors, to scanners and smoke detectors. Ideally, security systems should be accessible to the homeowner remotely. 

Need a Smart Home Automation System?

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