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Things That Affect Home Theater Installation Prices

home theater installation prices

It is common knowledge that a true cinematic experience will cost money, even if you choose to have it in the comfort of your home. This is why you should plan your budget in advance. You don’t want to be caught off-guard by median home theater installation prices. A true cinematic experience is not something you can pay for using loose change found under the couch.

That does not mean there is no room for cost-efficiency. If you are smart about your purchases, you can ensure that you’ll get the best home theater experience without buying anything you don’t need. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of things that you should pay attention to. Because they affect home theater installation prices, as well as the quality of the experience.

Regardless of Home Theater Installation Prices, You Need Surge Protectors

Many home users tend to ignore how important a surge protector is. This is particularly true for a home theater system, which consists of multiple complex electronic devices. An errant power surge could render thousand dollar electronic equipment useless in the blink of an eye. 

What’s worse, it could even result in a house fire. A dangerous, expensive house fire that can be avoided using an inexpensive surge protector. Some expensive devices have surge protection built in on their power bars, but it’s still prudent to keep your surge protection external. It’s much easier and cheaper to replace a blown fuse on your surge protector than replacing a device’s power adapter.

The Room Itself

The room that will host the home theater system will play a huge role and will have a massive effect on home theater installation prices. There are a number of pertinent reasons for this:

  • size of the room will affect the size of components you can use
  • the amount of light there is will decide whether you need to buy additional lighting or curtains
  • the shape of a room will also have an effect on components you need to buy

Aside from the room itself, the furniture in the room is also a consideration. After all, you will not be watching movies while standing. You need a comfy place to sit, and the floor simply won’t do no matter how much you polish it.

The Core Components That Affect Home Theater Installation Prices

If you just want to waste money, then you can just buy all the components you see and their accessories. We guarantee that you will never run out of things to buy. But if you want the most cost-effective strategy, you should focus the majority of your budget on three key components:

  • The Speakers – investing in the best audio solution will help in maintaining the immersion factor. You would want true surround, but sometimes space or budget constraints prevent you from buying a full set up. In which case, a sound bar would do but make sure you test them first. Some soundbars do the job well, but you have to be really discerning.
  • The Receiver – this is the central hub of your home theater system, and will therefore have a big effect on home theater installation prices. Make sure you don’t cheap out on this part, since it will have an effect on the overall quality of experience. At least make sure that the receiver can also function as an amplifier.
  • The Display Device – OLED or LCD? 4K or 1080p? The display is the component where people usually get overwhelmed. There’s a lot of jargon involved and there are numerous competing standards. Fortunately, there really is no “best” choice because it largely boils down to personal preference. Just watch the screens and see which ones look good to you, because in the end – that’s all that matters. 

Get Help from Professionals

A home theater system is a huge investment, and definitely something that you don’t want a trial-and-error approach. To get things right the first time, contact Digital Integration and we’ll help you design, procure, and install the best home theater system that fits your budget.