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Optimize Your Home Theater Audio Visual Quality

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Most people are under the impression that turning a room into a home theater is as simple as adding a large television set. This is a mistake that could lead to wasted money and a subpar home theater audio visual experience. The list of things that could happen if your home theater isn’t set up properly include:

  • Poor visibility – this could be any number of things. Poor viewing angle, incorrect lighting, or just plain bad visual quality.
  • Poor sound quality – static, sounds coming out of the wrong speakers, low volume, incorrectly balanced surround, or even complete lack of sound.
  • Uncomfortable viewing experience – if your home theater audio visual is not up to snuff, the whole cinematic experience will be ruined and you won’t enjoy your home theater.

In order to avoid the above problems, you should consider hiring professional home theater installers such as Digital Integration. A professional installer will ensure that everything works correctly, procuring the best or most cost-efficient components, doing the combined works of an A/V technician, electrician, and carpenter.

Additionally, there are also a few things you can try on your own that will improve your home theater audio visual experience:

Find the Home Theater Audio Visual Sweet Spot

Many TVs advertise their ability to be viewed from any angle, but A/V technicians and engineers know that there will always be an optimal viewing distance and angle for HDTVs. It is always best to test it out. For the distance, you can use a simple computation: take the diagonal screen size of the TV and multiply it by 1.5 to 2.5. The answer will be the suitable distance between the front of the screen and your seating.

A Soundbar Will Be Serviceable for Small Rooms

Soundbars are generally frowned upon by audiophiles, most of whom prefer at the very least a 5.1 surround sound setup. However, there are homeowners who lack the space for a full setup. In which case, a soundbar will be a good compromise. It’s small because it packs in all the speakers into a single low profile horizontal package, but the sound quality will still be an upgrade over your TV’s built in speakers.

Get a Seat with a Straight Backrest if You Plan to Watch 3D

A chair with a fully adjustable backrest is great for this purpose. If you plan on watching a lot of 3D content,  you need to make sure that your seat can be adjusted so that the backrest is straight. Otherwise, you will be encouraged to slouch or lounge – both of which will ruin the 3D effect.

Invest in Wireless Earphones

This is mostly an accessory and not a requirement, but investing in a good set of wireless speakers will boost your home theater audio visual experience. This is because a good pair of earphones will let you watch the TV as loud as you can, as well as sit wherever you want in the room, without affecting sound quality or disturbing other people in the house.

Hire Digital Integration

Last but not the least, you can avoid any potential purchasing and installation mistakes if you hire a professional home audio visual installer like Digital Integration. We have years of experience providing home A/V and automation system design and installation services, and we’ll make sure everything is perfect the first time around. Contact us today and we will give you a FREE quote.