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Home Security Systems and Home Automation

Technology has progressed to the point where the best home security systems are within the average home owner’s reach. The Internet of Things allowed many appliances to have remote control and intercommunication capabilities. This includes things like

  • thermostats
  • window blinds
  • thermostats
  • lights
  • door locks
  • cameras
  • alarms

All of the above can now be controlled even if you are in a different country, all you need is a smartphone or tablet, a remote control app, and internet access. This allows even normal homeowners to have sophisticated home security systems, the likes of which used to be exclusive to government agencies.

Home Security Systems are Scalable

Home security systems these days are highly customizable and can be scaled depending on your needs and budget – it can range from simple cameras that monitor specific rooms or full-blown monitoring and remote control capabilities that allow you to lock doors, open appliances, and trigger alarms from anywhere in the world. Though complex security systems are not exactly DIY projects, and may require the help of professional installers like Digital Integration.

Home Security Systems and Home Automation

While home automation is not necessarily the same as home security, they tend to overlap because the same infrastructure that allows for home security systems will also facilitate home automation. All of the smart appliances and control devices that make up these systems run through the home’s Wi Fi network and communicate with each other.

home security systems

In fact, home security and automation systems are not worth their price if they are separate and can’t communicate with each other. For optimal efficiency, security and automation must be seamlessly integrated as they basically serve overlapping functions.

For example, if you want the security of being able to check and control your garage doors remotely, you need some form of automation built into the devices: your CCTV in the garage is connected to the Wi-Fi network, which is where your garage door’s remote control is also connected. You can then use your smartphone to monitor the CCTV and remotely close or open the garage door.

Should You DIY or Hire a Professional Installer?

While you can technically treat installation of home security systems as a DIY project, it is best to hire professional installers. Unless you have a background in tech, security, and carpentry, it is still best to spend a little bit and hire experts who really know what they are doing.

It’s not smart to DIY if all you are after is to save a few bucks or save some time. Home security is not something you should cheap out on or take for granted. Best case scenario is you end up with something that doesn’t work as good as you expected it to. Worst case scenario, your home security fails to prevent a break-in or malfunctions in a way that could lead to a house fire.

There are a number of other clear benefits to getting your home security and home automation systems installed by a professional company like Digital Integration. One is cost-efficiency. You don’t have to worry about overspending on unnecessary devices or buying the wronng kind, because Digital Integration will only get what is necessary and can usually get better prices due to their partnership with suppliers and/or bulk deals.

Another is warranty and service: if you procured all the devices yourself, you will have a hell of a time if one of them malfunctions; it’s already difficult troubleshooting things on your own, but good luck dealing with RMAs and warranties. On the other hand, if your home security system is not working through no fault of your own, you just call Digital Integration and they’ll handle the rest.

So if you need to get a home security and automation system installed, call Digital Integration and we will give you a FREE quote.