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Guide to Commercial Phone Systems Installation in Palm Desert

commercial phone systems installation in palm desert

If you want to run your office or business establishment more efficiently, you need a commercial phone systems installation in Palm Desert. There are a number of clear benefits that you could miss out on, if you choose to ignore this technology:

  • You can eliminate the cost of a receptionist
  • There is potential to improve the effectiveness of your customer service
  • Your credibility as a professional services provider will get a boost

Commercial Phone Systems Installation in Palm Desert

There is no denying that a commercial phone systems installation in Palm Desert will require an investment, but the cost will be offset by the benefits.  This is especially true if you procure the services of a professional installer like Digital Integration. Since the phone systems are bought outright, there are no monthly fees so the system will pay for itself over time.

But before you contact us and ask for a quotation, there are a few things you need to consider first:

Your Telecommunication Needs

Make a note of how many employees there are in your business, as well as how many of them will use the phone at any given time. You might also take note of the volume of inbound and outbound calls, as well as whether there is someone available to answer the calls. All of these questions will help in deciding the right commercial phone systems installation in Palm Desert.

The Features You Need from Commercial Phone Systems Installation in Palm Desert

Do you want the ability to put people on hold with an automated message with options for automatic forwarding? Do you need auto attendants or extensions? Or a multi line hunting system that can automatically roll the call over from one line to the next? You need to decide on the functions you want first before deciding on a purchase.

VoIP or Traditional Line

This is a big decision, because there are specific pros and cons to each one. For instance, a Voice Over Internet Protocol System (VOIP) is more affordable, but the clarity of conversations might be affected if the other person on the line is using a land line. Your installer may suggest options and depending on their capability, could even install a system that accommodates both VoIP and traditional.

Inquire Over Inter-operability

You always want things to be future and foolproof, so make sure you ask the installation company on whether your phone systems will be compatible or inter operable with your current phone lines. Digital Integration does their due diligence and will conduct feasibility studies before pushing through with a client, so they will know the answer as long as you provide all the relevant information.

If you are looking for a company that provides commercial phone systems installation in Palm Desert, contact Digital Integration now and we will give you a FREE quote.