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Home Automation Systems: Enhancing Your Lifestyle

Digital Integration provides design, full installation, repair, and maintenance of home entertainment systems and home automation systems. We take pride in our ability to give homeowners a safe, elegant, and intuitive home theater system. All of the home entertainment and automation solutions we design revolve around the needs, budget, and preference of the homeowner. Everything we do is held up by the skills and expertise of industry veterans, who have spent decades working in various a/v related fields.

Smart Home Automation Systems from Digital Integration

Our home automation systems allow homeowners to control lights, climate, video, audio, and even security through a touch panel, or remotely via their smart phone, tablet, or computer. Music can be played from across the room or without leaving the bedroom, and it takes a single button press to open the lights and shade. Through an internet capable device, home owners can remotely monitor their surveillance cameras, lock or unlock doors, and even open specific appliances. We design our systems around the concept of comfort, convenience, and pace of mind. We can design systems for existing homes and those that are still under construction.

Digital Integration Designs Seamless Home Automation Systems

One of the key features we incorporate into our installations is seamless integration between all of your smart products. You will no longer juggle a dozen remote controls. Everything you need to do, from playing music, dimming the lights, deactivating the alarm, or the temperature is controlled from a single device. Say goodbye to walls cluttered with knobs, switches, and buttons – you can control everything with a central touchscreen panel or any number of your mobile smart devices:

  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Computers
  • Laptops

Motorized Windows

With our motorized windows, you gain full remote control over the amount of daylight in the house. You can go from bright, harsh glare into soft pleasing light with the touch of a button, and you can do it remotely from anywhere in the house. You no longer need to get out of bed just to open the shades or enhance privacy. All of our window treatment solutions come in a wide assortment of fabric and color options, so our systems can blend well with any interior design theme.

Custom Lighting Control

Our home automation systems give you complete control over the mood in your home via custom-tailored lighting controls. You can alter lighting and atmosphere with a simple press of a button. Perfect for changing the aura in your home depending on what you are doing, whether it’s dining, hosting a party, or simply kicking back in front of a TV after work.

Control the Climate

There’s no need to be at the mercy of the seasons or the weather. Smart climate controls through our home automation systems allow for perfect control of the temperature, regardless of the season or other factors. It is the ultimate in home comforts, as you make adjustments to the temperature without leaving the couch, or moving from your bed. The central control panel also provides important information such as the temperature, or whether there are appliances turned on.

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Digital Integration Gives You the Best in Home Automation Systems

There’s no need to go out and brave the lines if you want the best movie watching experience. Digital Integration will bring the full cinematic experience straight into your home. Everything is in your fingertips. You only need to press a button or tap a few screens to gain access to your favorite shows, movies, or music.

We can design a home theater system that seamlessly integrates live TV, streaming, and local movie collection into a single intuitive interface. Consuming entertainment content is simple and straightforward as we design your home entertainment system around your preferred devices and expected comfort.

Of course, when it comes to A/V, it is all about quality. Digital Integration has some of the best technicians and engineers on our staff, and they can design a home entertainment system with crystal clear audio and crisp vibrant visuals. You will experience content in their best possible format.

Digital Integration’s customer support staff are ready to answer your questions and address all of your concerns. Call us now at 760-772-4100 and we will give you a FREE CONSULTATION.