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Benefits of Audio Video Integration

There is a huge chance that you have already heard of the term Audio Video Integration, or some other variation such as Audio Visual Integration. Many people use the term to describe their work if they are in the AV industry, but what do they really mean, and what are its benefits?

What is Audio Video Integration?

The simplest explanation is that Audio Video Integration combines hardware components via communication paths in order to create a centralized system with an intuitive control interface. This can be used to allow users in one place to control hardware hosted elsewhere. 

Benefits of Audio Visual Integration

  • Cost Reduction – instead of buying and installing hardware for every room, a company can cut costs by simply building one system and using audio visual integration to allow use elsewhere.
  • Reduce Maintenance Needs – instead of constantly monitoring, maintaining, and repairing a number of separate hardware installations, a company only needs to take care of one.
  • Make Usage Easier – one key strength of audio video integration is that it isolates the complicated hardware elements from users. It is much easier to train users when they only need to deal with the user interface. The complex hardware is only a concern of technicians or other people that can service them.

Who Needs Audio Video Integration

The key users of audio video integration are large companies that need them for presentation or entertainment use. They are ideal for corporate boardrooms, auditoriums, training rooms. They are also suitable for function rooms or places that need a public address system.

audio video integration

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